Fairtex Group is an EPCIM contractor, providing engineering, procurement and construction, Installation and Maintenance solutions for the oil & gas, petrochemical, power and manufacturing industries. We specialise in fast track projects and offer several EPCIM delivery models in collaboration with our client. We handle the complete life cycle(s) of the EPCIM projects from engineering to procurement to constructing to commissioning and maintenance.

Our technologically advanced tools, delivery model and partnership with leading engineering providers and suppliers compliments our capability to accurately update and reproduce information on a complex EPC project. We have the right processes, automation tools, market data, volume, and skilled professionals to meet our commitment to our customers. Our multi discipline staff is comprised of highly technical and competent personnel having experience in EPC projects with a goal to provide quality and efficient services to our clients.

EPC Services


Our engineers and designers are highly skilled and have the capacity to successfully transform ideas of productions facilities or integrated solutions projects to become a reality. Our highly qualified and experienced group of engineers and designer are the keystone of our project, product, helping evaluate the most appropriate system for the proposed development, and developing analysis and design of the various components of the system.

Our team of engineers have delivered world-class projects on time, every time. Our approach to projects is comprehensive and draws up on various engineering capabilities covering:

  • Conceptual Design

  • Front End Engineering Design

  • Detailed Engineering Design

  • Drafting and As-Built Drawings

  • 3D Modelling

  • Laser Scanning & Dimensional Control

  • Project Management Consultancy

  • Procurement

  • Construction Management

Our commitment to quality, safety, environmental sustainability, cost efficiency and working within local and international regulatory specifications enables us deliver solutions that make our clients succeed.

Fairtex group of engineers provides supports across the entire range of our activities ranging from Technical Sales support, proposal and FEED engineering, Project Execution, Installation, and Aftermarket services.

Engineering Services


Our procurement activities cover both local and global sourcing. Our understanding of global terrain of Business ensures your delivery is never delayed. We are sole Agent / Distributor to major equipment manufacturers in the world.

With our strategic sourcing contacts across the globe, we have in-house capability to efficiently locate, evaluate, purchase, and provide the logistics support for the materials and services to any location or project site. We maintain a dedicated staff of experience professionals in various fields, including:

  • Global sourcing specialists

  • Commercial and technical commodity specialists

  • Market specialists

  • Contract specialists

  • Material planning and control specialists

  • Buyers

  • Expediters

  • Logistics specialists

  • Supplier quality surveillance specialists

  • Project Materials Managers

Our global office help to ensure adequate sourcing of equipment and material within project schedule. Fairtex group has competent procurement staff, well conversant with the markets, customs and established environmental regulations. This localized knowledge effectively enhance the deliverability and quick resolution of conflicts.

Our Procurment Cycle

Construction Services

Greenfield Oil & Gas Construction

With more than 20 years' experience in offshore platform operations, Fairtex group offers EPC (Engineering, Procurement, Construction) solutions for production, wellhead platforms, power plant and others.

Through our comprehensive engineering and fabrication capacities Fairtex group offers offshore solutions including gas compression, separation, dehydration, energy production, water injection, gas sweetening, compressor packages, Gas turbine packages, pump package and valve automation system etc

Fairtex group construction team have extensive experience in greenfield and brownfiled construction projects for oil and gas facilities, power generation and others. We provide engineering, procurement, construction, installation and commissioning activities covering the following:

  • Pumping Station Project

  • Skid Processing Equipment

  • Compressor Station Project

  • Mooring and Offoading Systems Project

  • Flow stations (New and Upgrade), including metering system project

  • Gas Turbine Project

  • Export oil and Gas Pipeline Projects

  • Fabrication of production/process pipelines project

  • Hook-up, Commissioning and Decommissioning projects

  • Subsea Umbilican, Risers and Flowlines (SURF) Project

  • Pipeline Installation Project

  • Facility Maintenance and Upgrade Project

  • Major Platforms Structural Repairs

  • Oily Water Separation Plants Project

  • Revamping of Flaring System Project

  • Water injection treatment plant

  • Shoreline Protection by Sheet Piling

  • Desalination Plant Project

  • Wastewater Treatment Plant

Greenfield Projects

Greenfield Projects

Brownfield Oil & Gas Projects

Fairtex group provide it's clients with modification projects on existing plants or on matured fields.

  • Tie-back projects: modification of production plants

  • Upgrade projects include modifications through shutdown of flaring, treatment of production water: replacement of gas-powered turbines and electric motors

  • Integrity projects: replacement of corroded parts on a facility to restore it back to its original condition and extend its lifespan Fairtex Group has the skills and resources needed to complete your project safely, efficiently, and with minimum impact on the environment.

  • Maintenance, Scheduled, Planned or Unplanned

  • Hook Up & Commissioning

  • Front End Engineering for field experiences to optimize design and planning

  • Site Survey, Inspection, 3rd party expert opinions

  • General Maintenance Services

  • Pipe rack fabrication assembly

  • Construction and Installation

  • Decommissioning

  • Inspection, Maintenance & Repair (IMR)

  • Pipeline Installation project

  • Spooling Services

  • Facility maintenance and upgrades

  • Structural repair

  • Pipeline projects

  • Rehabilitation of the existing Pipeline network

  • Construction of Sanitary Waste Lift Stations

  • Replacement of air compressors

  • Electrical & Instrumentation Services

  • Integrated Control & Safety Systems (ICSS) Services

Brownfield Projects

Maintenance and Shutdown

Fairtex group possesses all the skills necessary to provide bespoke maintenance services.

  • Fairtex group provide routine maintenance on production plants and utilities as part of GMC (General Maintenance Contract) and FMC (Fabric Maintenance Contract)

  • Maintenance on offshore cranes

  • Major maintenance shutdowns (shutdowns and turnarounds)

Pump, Valve and Actuator Overhaul / Repair Services

Fairtex Group team of service engineers and specialist are proficiently skilled in Pump, Valve and Actuator overhaul or repair in accordance to proper handling, servicing, and quality test procedures.

Our engineers are trained to service valves and remote-control system. All our inspections and repair processes are well documented and test reports are generated. We respect all clients and treat every job with integrity.

  • Receive valves/ actuators from client.

  • Inspect all received valves for physical damage

  • Strip valves / actuators down and layout all stepped equipment to carry out inspection with clients.

  • Decide and log for each valve / actuator / equipment the decided repair procedure after discussion with clients.

  • Welding and build up through welding

  • Metal coating / Metal Spray.

  • Replace all accessories, fittings, O rings with new ones.

  • Blasting and Painting works.

  • Reinstall back equipment with new liners, sleeves etc.

  • Final assembled product must be subjected to necessary test. Example of test are Non-Destructive Test, Positive Material Identification, Hydro Test, Function Test, Pressure Test etc.

Maintenance and Shutdown

Maintenance and Shutdown

Maintenance and Shutdown

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