Fairtex History

The history of Fairtex Group started with the vision, courage, hard word and tenacity of Mr. Jacob Idungafa, the group CEO/ Managing Director, the founder of Fairtex, who founded a great company from nothing to greatness. The company which started in a single room apartment situated at #12 Alesa, Eleme, Rivers State, Nigeria brought the ideas and vision of the founder to reality.

The story of Fairtex will not be complete without acknowledging the support of family members, and friends who contributed passionately in support of the vision of the founder of the company. As the name implies, Fairtex signifies, fair dealings with client's, partners, vendors, team mebers and the community where the company operates, and that has enabled the company to win the trust of it's client's and partners continuously over the years.

The business started as a story of a family structured and supported by employee, with strong ties to its roots, that is forging its success towards the future. Today given birth to group of company across Africa, middle East, Europe, Asian and America

The birth of a great visionary company

  • 2003: The company was founded and registered in Nigeria.

  • 2004: Establishment of the first registered office, #56 Ogbunali Road, Ogbunali, Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria.

  • 2006: Totalfina Elf Nigeria, First Project (OML 58: Provision of Scaffold at Ogbogu Flow Station)

  • 2007: Totalfina Elf Nigeria, First Project (OML 58: GMVH Isolation for Decommissioning) and (OML 58: Replacement of Gas and Fuel Lines)

  • 2008: Totalfina Elf Nigeria, first offshore project: (OML 100: FSO Unity Downgraded Piping Replacement Phase One)

  • 2008: Totalfina Elf Nigeria, second offshore project: (OML 100: Replacement of Corroded Piping at ODD1)

Fairtex Group Development

In 2016, Fairtex begin his journey to study foreign business strategy and establishment, today we adopt the same strategy and establish our business according to vision and dream we learn from our partner. Our OEM partner like Airpack, Trelleborg, Marit chain, Klinger, and Hi-Force etc. really added so much valued to the company.

Key Dates:

  • 2007: Partnership with Airpack Netherland

  • 2008: Partnership with Trelleborg France

  • 2009: Creation of Vision 2023

  • 2020: The commencement of vision 2023 project

The Future: Vision 2023

The vision of our company depends on thinking, thinking produce idea and idea bring the vision and in turn bring money to the company. To this effect, these thinking where transformed into vision 2023 project which geared towards building capacities that will address the need of the company future development.

The Vision 2023 Project

Vision 2023 project is an initiative program in Fairtex which drive the company vision and goals as a strategy for capacity building. Vision 2023 project have giving birth to the following assets:

  • Headquarter of Fairtex integrated services ltd comprising of smart office and workshop

  • Lagos office

  • Fairtex Luxury Hotel Ltd

  • Establishment and registration of Fairtex Ghana Limited in Ghana

  • Establishment and registration of Fairtex LLC FZ in the United Arab Emirates

  • Establishment and registration of Fairtex Moz LDA in Mozambique

  • Establishment and registration of Fairtex Ivory Coast SARL in Ivory Coast

  • Equipment

The vision 2023 project will comprise of the following facilities:

  • Headquarter of Fairtex integrated services ltd comprising of smart office and workshop

  • Smart Office Complex and Staff Canteen

  • Laboratory and Engineering Office Facility

  • MediFat Facility

  • Training / Event Facility

  • Assembling plants and workshops of OEM products

  • Piping and Structural Carbon Steel Workshop

  • Stainless and Duplex Steel Workshop

  • Valve and Instrument Testing Workshop

  • Painting Workshop

  • NDT and Testing Workshop

  • Marine Support Workshop

  • Storage Facility

  • Generator Area

  • Car Park Area

  • Workers Canteen

  • Water Treatment Facility

  • Security Offices

Fairtex has continued in the pursuit of its vision and goals to enable the company to fulfill the aim of creating value to Africa and Middle East.

The Global Business Vision

Global business vision of Fairtex Group now focuses on Africa and Middle East business opportunities. Fairtex is focusing on doing business with the following countries producing oil in Africa, Angola, Algeria, Egypt, Republic of Congo, Ghana, Gabon, Equitoria Guinea, Chad, Ivory Coast, Tunisia, Congo, Niger Republic, Mauritania, Morocco, Senegal, Mozambique, Tanzania, Libya, Congo, Cameroon and Sudan.

Global business vision of Fairtex Group will also foscus on Middle East business opportunities, covering Saudi Arabia, Iraq, United Arab Emirates, Iran, Kuwait, Qatar and Oman

We also consider countries in Africa with natural Gas production for business opportunities and will promote business relationship with the following gas producong countries in Africa, such as Nigeria, Algeria, Senegal, Mozambique, Egypt, Tanzania, Libya, Angola, Congo Equitoria Guinea, Cameroon, Sudan, Mauritania, Senegal, Gambia, Guinea-Bassau-Conakry Basin

Fairtex History

Fairtex History

Fairtex History

Fairtex History

Fairtex History

Fairtex History

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