Fairtex Group is a global manufacturing solutions provider of industrial process equipment serving the oil and gas, petrochemical, Sugar, power generation and food processing industries. Combining operational expertise, single-source capabilities, and proven processes, we provide innovative, high-value manufacturing solutions that meet our client’s operational challenges - safely, efficiently, and cost-effectively

We have tie-up with selected world class manufacturing facilities in different places of the world to cater the requirement of fabrication and assembly of the skid units. Fairtex group vision 2023 facility cover design, fabrication and installation services for pipework, tanks, vessels and steel structures including assemble and integration.

Process skid packages are critical components of industrial facilities whose design and fabrication requires careful consideration of a number of factors in order to operate safely and reliably. Apart from having to accommodate its own weight, a skid package must also be designed to handle the dynamic nature of the equipment on it (compressors, turbines, motors, etc.), as well as stresses that are applied during lifting and transportation.

Fairtex group has build manufacturing facility to accommodate various assemble and testing of packages skid equipment. Our facility is design and build as per industry requirement.

Fairtex group owned and construct world class fabrication and manufacturing facility in Port Harcourt Nigeria and Dubai. We also under partnership agreement for other location around the world for fabrication and manufacturing facility to enable Fairtex group meet his project delivery.

Fairtex group vision 2023 facility operates a 20,000 Square metre fenced lay down area on site Covered fabrication area of 3,550 Square metre. Warehouse storage facilities of 1,200 Square metre with offices, store room and washing facilities etc. Open storage area of about 10, 000 Square metre.

Our Technical capabilities:

  • 100 Ton crane

  • Roller machine, up to 100mm rolling capability

  • Automated cutting machine with plasma and oxy fuel cutting facilities up to 100mm thickness

  • 100 Ton crane

  • CNC lathe machine with 14.74 inches hollow spindle

  • 10 Nos. Miller 250 Diesel welding machine

  • 10 Nos. Miller 350LX welding Machine

  • 10-15 Ton Forklift

  • Nos. 10Ton to 15 Ton overhead crane

  • Pipe positioners

Fairtex Vision 2023 Plant

Fairtex Vision 2023 Plant

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