Quality Control and Quality Assurance (QA/QC) Inspection Services

Fairtex Group through its Quality Assurance and Quality Control inspection services understands the importance of ensuring that your facility is built to the precise standards which you have opted, designed and paid for. Our team of experienced AWS/CSWIP/NACE /BGAS certified inspectors helps to ensure all quality assurance and quality control requirements are met and in compliance, by applying proven methodologies, inspection plans, audits and more. Our QA/QC team is a driving force in effective facility management, which not only assures that all specifications are met, but which also minimizes risk and maximizes efficiency and safety.

Our QA/QC Services Covers:

  • Inspection of storage tank and certification as per API 653

  • UInspection of pipe line as per API 570

  • Pressure vessel inspection and certification as per API 510

  • Welding Inspection

  • Coating/Painting inspection

  • Welder Qualification Witnessing

  • Hydro test witnessing, Pneumatic test witnessing

  • Dimensional inspection, Structural alignment inspection

  • Bolt Tightening Inspection

  • Pull test witness and reports endorsements

  • Material receiving inspection and report submission

  • Quality audit to subcontractor behalf of client

  • Rotating equipment alignment inspection

Quality Control and Quality Assurance (QA/QC) Inspection Services

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