Food and Beverages

Fairtex group provides technical and engineering services to the Food and Beverage companies involved in transforming raw agricultural goods into consumer food products. With deep knowledge of food and beverage applications, Fairtex group is the perfect long term partner for your food and beverage business.

We work with equipment manufacturers, helping to select and manufacture components that will result in the best possible product. We also work directly with equipment operators at all sorts of Food and Beverage companies, where we help select replacement parts that will maximize equipment performance and reliability. Fairtex group team members regularly tour our client food processing plants, searching for any problem that can be solved using our advanced materials.

We understands the time-sensitive nature of the food and beverage industry where the product can go bad fast. This means that; stoppages for maintenance, critical failures, and contamination problems all represent serious threats to efficient production. In this regards, fairtex groups provides asset integrity managemnt services to ensure continues production, adherance to manufacturing production environment policy and hygienic safe food handling.

Our Food and Beverage expertise covers:

  • Food Packaging equipmentn procurement, installation and maintenance

  • Boiler Repair & Maintenance

  • Water and Waste Water Management Solution

  • Conveyor Installation and Maintenance

  • Procurement and Supply of Flexible Packaging Line Equipment

  • Water Treatment Solutions

  • Packaging Solutions

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