Equipment Replacement and Maintenance (Skid Packages)

Fairtex group commissioning scope includes proper operation of equipment and calibration of field instruments using certified calibrator and solutions. We certify and warrantee our clients with right functioning and operation of our equipment and systems in accordance to technical specifications.

  • Supply and Fabricate of Pipe Spools and Chemical Skid System

  • Supply and Installation of Chemical Dosing Skid including all (Mechanical & Electrical Works with piping and Upgrading Project.

  • Supply and Fabricate Interconnecting Pipe Spools, Pipe rack/ Support and Chemical dosing skid for Steam Power Plant

  • Supply and Fabricate Gas Metering Skid for Package

  • Supply and Fabricate 2 sets of Condensate Carbon Filter Skid

  • Supply and Fabricate Chlorine Generator Skid

  • Supply Process heater for chemical plant

  • Replace and upgrade heater with latest electrical heating technology iinclude commissioning and handling over

  • Supply Superheater and installation for Power Plant including start-up and commissioning

  • Supply and installation of cargo Management Control System with integrated with local HMI interface and interlocking functions

  • Supply and installation of Deck Foam system pneumatically controlled for control of fire fighting deck foam system with local panel

  • Supply and installation of Tank Management control system for cargo tanks, draft sensors, HMI interface and control approved processor for system interface

  • Fire and Gas Detection System with Cause & Effect processor for analysis, Interface with ICSS and activation of ESD system according to Cause and Effect

  • Design, manufacture, supervision, and commissioning valves for FPSO Cargo & Ballast System – Hydraulics

  • Supply, install and delivery of ESD Valve for offloading line. Pneumatic Actuator with inches Trunnion Ball Valve.

  • Repair/Refurbishment of FPSO Cargo Valve System including Hydraulic actuators, HPU, Solenoid Valves, manual operation deck boxes, Cargo control panel and related instruments include Commissioning of complete package

  • Supply of Hydraulic Valve control system including remote control valves for FPSO cargo and ballast valves, HPU, HMI and control system

  • Upgrade of Control Console and retrofit of complete FPSO cargo and ballast system of vessel

  • Supply, design install, commissioning of hydraulic power unit for auto start / stop, emergency power source, phase monitoring, temperature monitoring, frequency monitoring functions. Local control, remote control, and interface with ICSS.

  • Supply and installation of Emergency Shutdown System including ESD Valve and interface with ICSS

  • Design, installation and fabrication of Hydraulic system piping and tubing system for FPSO

  • Hydraulic system design. Piping installation and material supply for the Hydraulic Cargo System. Installation work, purging, flushing, and commissioning

Equipment Replcaement & Maintenance

Equipment Replcaement & Maintenance

Equipment Replcaement & Maintenance

Equipment Replcaement & Maintenance

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