Marine and Port Operations

Fairtex group provides third-party support services to the port and terminal operators. We understands the various needs of the port & terminal operators, and we work to find solutions and improvements to their challenges.

We provide third-party services that helps in addressing challenges such as corrosion, cracking distortion, and fatigue. However, our expertise in this area also covers areas such as coatings, lightweighting, joining, materials selection, lifecycle extension, inspection, mechanical and non-destructive testing, and the supply of marine equipment

Fairtex is always available to assist when things go wrong, investigating failures to help determine the causes and create solutions. As a completely independent company, we are able to offer authoritative services that provides safety assurance.

Our Marine services include expertise in:

  • Installation of fenders and bollards

  • Marine Civil Construction

  • Certification of Port Crane and lifting equipment

  • Testing & certification of bollards

  • Non-destructive Bollard Testing

  • In-water Port construction, repairs & maintenance

  • Underwater welding and cutting (Hydraulic/Broco)

  • Complete slipway builds & maintenance

  • Sheet piling repairs and quay wall repairs

  • Quayside rehabilitation

  • Underwater concrete casting and shutter board assembly

  • Quay wall inspections and repairs

  • Underwater structural inspections

  • Technical Assistance Services

We procure and supply the following products:

  • Bollards

  • Marine Fender Systems

  • Docking & Mooring Solutions

  • Surface Buoyancy

  • Navigation & Piloting Systems

  • Automated Mooring Systems

  • Marine Chains

  • Marine Ropes

  • Marine Lanterns

  • Buoys

  • Aton Structures

  • Vessel Traffic Services (VTS)

  • Marine Surveillance & Costal Monitoring

  • Oceanographic Monitoring System

  • Tsunami Warning System

  • Berthing Aid Systems

  • Quick Release Hooks

  • Boarding Bridges

  • Marine Gangways

Quick Release Hooks

Boarding Bridges

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