Field Machining Services

Fairtex Group provide some of today’s most technologically advanced on site, portable, in situ, and in place field machining services. In addition to repairing machinery directly for manufacturers.

Our service is around the clock 24X7 Whether you're approaching a planned Turned Around, Emergency Breakdown, require support in a new construction project, or are overwhelmed by demanding emergency outage repairs, we’re ready to provide you with the right machinists and on-site machining, field machining, portable machining, in situ machining, mobile machining, or in place machining tools and machines, which will solve your problem!.

Our Field Machining Services Covers:

  • Pipe Cold Cutting and Beveling

  • Flange Resurfacing

  • Industrial Line Boring


Pipe Cold Cutting and Beveling Services

Fairtex Group has the capacity and equipment for the cutting of thin or thick, pipes and wall pipes. All of our pipe cutting and beveling equipment are lightweight with low radial and axial clearances for weld preparation, valve fittings and related components.

Our expertise and equipment for pipe cutting, severing and beveling ensures your needs are met to the highest industry standards

Pipe cutting and beveling (Tools & Equipment Supply)
The perfect machines for pipe cutting and beveling of heavy wall pipes. With our huge range of pipe cutting and beveling machines every kind of pipe can be cut for further pipe edge preparation.

Exact Pipe Cutting Machines
Exact pipe cutters are suitable for all kinds of pipe materials; a single machine allows cutting pipes of greatly differing sizes. Pipe cutting is significantly faster as compared to traditional methods. The resulting surfaces are precise and of uniform quality – the pipes are ready for joining right away.

DLW Pipe Cold Cutting Machine The Pipe Cold Cutter is a low weight machine for cutting and beveling. It is a spilt frame for fast OD mounting. It is easy to clamp and adjust to the pipe. The DLW requires a minimum of space around the pipe and is delivered with electrical, pneumatic or hydraulic motor.

Boiler Panel Saw
The boiler tube panel cutter has been developed for repair and weld preparation of boiler tube panels in high pressure boilers and supercritical boilers.

 Pipe Cold Cutting and Beveling Services

 Pipe Cold Cutting and Beveling Services

Flange Resurfacing Services

Fairtex Group has the expertise machine any size and type of flange from raised face to ring joints. We have Mount flange facing equipment for carrying out flange resurfacing to industry standards and as per client specifications.

Our flange resurfacing equipment is durable, easy to maneuver, and capable of handling your flange facing needs at peak Industry standards.

Flange Resurfacing Services

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