Hot Tapping and Line Stop Services

Fairtex Group hot tapping and line stop services provides a cost-effective solution to isolate any piping system for repairs, replacements, tie ins, bypasses, and other modifications in order to create a temporary isolation point without needing to completely shut down the system.

We specialize in providing economical, dependable services for hot taps and line stops. Our team can help provide isolation solutions for many different applications. We offer hot tapping services for pipes up to 42" in diameter with walls up to ½" thick.

Our Hot Tapping and Line Stop Solutions Covers:

  • Pivot head line stops

  • High temperature plugs

  • Inflatable line stops

  • Double Block and bleed bag stop

  • Inflatable flow stop

  • Freeze line stops

  • Isolation Test Plug Services

Hot Tapping and Line Stop Services

Different Methods We provide hot taps and line stops

Pivot Head Line Stops

Fairtex Group Pivot head line stops is an effective and relaible way for providing isoaltion for a piping system, by installing a plug that pivots into place to provide a temporary flow stop for the piping system. This method of line stops provide isolation for a wide range of applications and help minimize product loss, which helps protect revenue, safety, and the environment.

High Temperature Plugs

High temperature plugs are much the same as pivot head line stops yet use specialized plugs for piping systems that contain high temperature liquids or gases. These plugs are made of a flora green seal with an aluminum backup plate for additional support. High temperature plugs can provide line stops for systems up to a maximum temperature of 650°F.

Inflatable line stops

Inflatable line stops utilize inflatable plugs to provide temporary isolation in piping systems. These plugs can help provide line stop solutions for systems with out-of-round pipes, pipes that are thinning near the bottom, or with heavy buildup in the inner diameter of the pipes. They also work well in low pressure systems or systems with flare lines. After hot tapping, our specialists insert the plug and inflate to the pressure needed to provide a tight seal. Inflatable line stop plugs can be made of many different materials to suit your application.

Double Block and bleed bag stop

Double line stops help provide redundancy and backup with two inflatable plugs. This service also allows you to bleed off any seepage that might escape the first plug through the hot tap. For piping systems with flammable or toxic gases, this method also allows you to introduce a purge gas through the hot tap to help prevent escape. With double block line stop services from our team, we utilize just one hot tap for two stop plugs in the line.

Inflatable flow stop

Inflatable flow stop services provide faster isolation in piping systems without depressurizing the line. These utilize smaller hot taps to deploy inflatable plugs to seal the area. These can conform to systems with out of round lines, pipe wall thinning, and pipes with buildup along the interior walls. Inflatable flow stops work well on high pressure systems.

Freeze line stops

Freeze line stops offer isolation without the need for hot tapping. With freeze stops, we attach a jacket around the pipe’s OD. We then flood the jacket with liquid nitrogen to reduce the temperature and freeze the liquid inside. Freeze stops are economical and help maintain pipeline integrity. We perform freeze stops on pipes up to 30” in diameter and with liquids with suitable freeze points.

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