Valve Maintenance Services

Fairtex Group offers repair and rebuild services for worn, malfunctioning, leaking, or failed valves for reliable isolation and sealing. We offer full repair and rebuild capabilities in our state-of-the-art valve testing & repair workshop. Our team can help you uninstall, repair or rebuild, and re-install valves in your critical infrastructure. We offer repair and rebuild services for any make, model, and application of valve. We have the experience and knowledge you need to keep your valves in good working conditions

We offer valve repair and rebuild services for a wide range of damages and defects, including:

  • Internal corrosion

  • External corrosion

  • Leaks

  • Dents

  • Weld defects

  • Abrasion

  • Cracks

Our Valve Maintenance Services Covers:

  • Valve Repair and Replacement Services

  • API Pressure Testing

  • Field Repair and Testing

  • Certification of Pressure Safety Valves

  • Repair and Testing of Pressure Safety Valves

Valve Maintenance Services

Full Repair and Rebuild In-shop

When you need high quality valve repair and valve rebuild services, our team is a cut above the rest. We have strategically located machine shops to provide you with quick turnaround on all your valve repair and rebuild needs. Our shops and expert technicians offer comprehensive solutions when you need valve service.

We work on any type of valve in any type of system. We offer services for valves in:

  • Flare lines

  • Cooling lines

  • Blowdown lines

  • Chemical processing lines

  • Oil and gas risers

  • Steel piping

  • Stack towers

  • Underwater pipelines

  • Storage tanks and vessels


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